Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner, $38

You won’t be caught off-balance with this durable, waist leash

If you run with your dog, going hands-free in the leash department will change the game for you. The Stunt Runner was designed specifically with runners in mind and it shows. Featuring an adjustable waist belt and sliding D-ring, it’s easy to adjust the leash on-the-run depending on whether your dog is running on your right, left, out front, or slightly behind. The flexible connector piece attaches from the waist belt to your dog and stretches from 35 inches to 51 inches to offer some give when your dog surges or slows down. Lightweight and durable, this leash will serve you well over many miles with your best friend.

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Stunt puppy in action on the run. Photo: Courtesy of Mackenzie Havey.