Penguin March Club

Run the Holiday Half Marathon 3 years in a row and become a member of the Penguin March Club!

Continue to run the Holiday Half Marathon consecutively and you will receive a different Penguin March Club award each year:

  • 3rd Year Lil’ Blue Penguin Medal
  • 4th Year Rockhopper Penguin Pin
  • 5th Year Humboldt Penguin Pin
  • 6th Year Macaroni Penguin Pin + Hoodie
  • 7th Year Royal Penguin Pin
  • 8th Year Gentoo Penguin Pin
  • 9th Year King Penguin Pin
  • 10th Year Emperor Penguin Pin + Ultimate Goodie Bag

Those who run the Holiday Half Marathon six years in a row will receive a quality hooded sweatshirt with the Penguin March Club logo.

Participants who reach their 10th consecutive year will be named “Emperor Penguin” and will receive the ultimate Penguin March Club memorabilia!

Check your Penguin March Club Status, here. If you have questions on your Penguin March Club status, please send us an email.


Penguin March Club rules:

– Only those who complete the half marathon for 3 consecutive years will be eligible for this program.
– If a year is missed, the participant is no longer eligible for Penguin March Club status.
– Penguin March Club members must pick their medal, pin or sweatshirt up at the Health & Fitness Expo on Saturday or Sunday. Items will not be mailed after the event.
– If it is determined that a person’s bib was used by someone else to maintain Penguin Club March status, the bib number will be removed from the Official Results and the participant will lose Penguin March Club status.
– Students Run LA participants are not eligible for the Penguin March Club.

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