“A Moment of Joy” Toy Drive Coming to Perfect 10 Expo

“A Moment of Joy” Toy Drive Coming to Perfect 10 Expo

Athletes, friends and families attending the Perfect 10 expo this year are encouraged bring a much needed toy  for the “A Moment of Joy” toy drive hosted by 11th Hour Racing and SEANstrong.

The expo, presented at the festival grounds in Mercer County Park, will be held October 21st from 9a.m. to 4p.m. No matter your reason for attending – beginner athlete, experienced athlete, supportive friend or a child forced to stand in line while one or both of your parents picks up their bib – you’ll undoubtedly find yourself giving into the hype for the Perfect 10 Miler.

As the largest women’s 10 miler in the nation, the teams working together at SEANstrong and 11th Hour Racing are looking to spread their generosity to those within the Perfect 10 community.

“We are hoping many women as mothers can relate to SEANstrong’s mission to help out kids while their parents undergo cancer treatments,” says Patricia Hogan, founder of the Sean F. Hogan Sr. Foundation (SEANstrong).

Both SEANstrong and 11th Hour Racing lessen some of the financial burden families endure after cancer treatments. Founded by CEO Mike Rowe, 11th Hour Racing raises money for families by “running for those who cannot.” And as of March 2015, SEANstrong has given grants to 105 families. In addition, these organizations alleviate monetary strain on families undergoing any type of cancer treatment by paying for food, clothing, medicine, daycare, school supplies and tuition. This toy drive will be their first collaborative event together.

A wishlist for the drive is still being developed, however a specific link for “A Moment of Joy” will be added to the SEANstrong website as the event continues to come together.

Donations may also be made online, where the proceeds will go toward purchasing toys for the children attending the event. Guests attending the Perfect 10 expo are encouraged to stop by the tent after grabbing their bib and contribute a toy, cash or gift card for kids ages 1 to 18.

“We want to connect with the families we’ve helped,” says Hogan, “We hope to give the children of these families “A Moment of Joy” during the holiday season.”

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