How a Negative Mindset is Holding You Back!

How a Negative Mindset is Holding You Back!

When you constantly push your body outside of its comfort zone, you’ll quickly grow well-acquainted with the little voice inside your head begging you to slow down, or give up completely. Perhaps overtime this little voice of yours has grown into a nagging shout, distracting enough to keep you from meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself.

It turns out, this negative thought process could actually be hampering your progress more than you think! For many of us, our thoughts are all we have during a run; and when these reflections can only focus on how tired you are, or the cramps you have, or how sore your legs are, you may start to believe them and hold back.

Fortunately, this problem isn’t the same as having shin splints or a wonky Achilles tendon. Rather than having to learn to work around the issue, you’re always in control of your thoughts. In fact, acknowledging what’s going through your mind is the first step to improving your thought process!

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October 21, 2018

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