It’s Been A Perfect Ride.. Well, Actually Run!

It’s Been A Perfect Ride.. Well, Actually Run!

Hey Ladies of the Perfect 10!

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room. We’ve already had a few enthusiastic athlete’s ask why no information for registration has been announced yet. Surely many more have been wondering the same thing.

As you know the Perfect 10 has been inspiring women around the region for several years now. We are so proud of being able to use our race as a platform for women of all ages to celebrate with family, girlfriends, and thousands of women from all over the nation.

We wanted you to be the first to know that the Perfect 10 will not be held in 2018.

Naturally, you may be wondering what lead to this decision. Well, we certainly aren’t the type to leave our valued community in the dark…

Before getting too bummed out, keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement coming soon regarding a new race we are launching! Unfortunately, we cannot host both this race and the Perfect 10 due to the timing of the new event. While we would love to host the Perfect 10 in another location (we have unfortunately outgrown the park) we have not been able to secure the permit that we feel provides the best runner experience.

The Perfect 10 Miler has been an incredible journey for our team and we are thrilled that so many of you have joined us year after year to “to celebrate who you are inside and out”.

We will maintain the Perfect 10 Facebook page as a community source for raising awareness for a positive self image while celebrating the incredible accomplishments of women young and old.

Stay Tuned Ladies for the newest CGI Racing Race

And Thank you It’s Been A Perfect Ride…Run

The Team @ CGI Racing


You Are A Perfect 10!
October 21, 2018

Ladies it's time to realize your full potential and love yourself for who you are! Join thousands of women from around the nation as we motivate each other to cross that finish line.

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