Recipes We Recommend: The Naked Taco Bowl

Recipes We Recommend: The Naked Taco Bowl

If there’s one food I’m lowkey craving 24 hours a day, it’s tacos. Or, at the very least, recipes incorporating traditional taco ingredients. Perhaps that’s why this particular food genre has evolved into so many different popular trends over the years: it’s flexible and no matter what form it takes, you know it’ll be delicious!

If you’re in need of some new ideas for lunch, I recommend experimenting with the Naked Taco Bowl.

At first glance, dealing with all of these raw ingredients makes this recipe seem like a headache. One of my favorite things about Mexican cuisine, however, is how easy it is to cut corners without ruining the entire dish. If you’re feeling confident in your chopping skills, feel free to follow the recipe as is. But for those of us looking to save a little time, I suggest opting for canned versions of these ingredients (i.e. corn, chopped tomatoes, jalapenos, etc.) and buying the spices off the shelf.

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