Calling All Volunteers
Volunteer Information



With thousands of ladies running, hundreds of volunteers are needed to assist with many elements on race weekend including set up, registration, water stations and at the finish line.

We will make a generous donation to your organization for volunteering on race weekend. The donation is based upon the number of volunteers you provide. We require a minimum of (20) volunteers for any group volunteer donation, however there are some tasks that only require a min of 10.


Friends, families, groups of any kind, we would love for you to be a part of this special weekend. We would love for your group to support and cheer our runners to finish. Bring your cowbells, clappers and big old cheers and help them finish strong.


Hey guys, we would love for you to be a part of this special weekend and help us “mann” a water station. We are looking for groups of men to support and cheer these ladies to finish!

We Want You!

Volunteer Now, Raise Money and Have Tons of Fun

Be a Volunteer Captain

  • Must be an adult over 18 years of age.
  • Be willing to recruit all volunteers for the assigned task.
  • Learn the task location, and directions to that location, in advance of race weekend.
  • Be willing to follow the rules/tasks per CGI protocol.



To oversee and govern all volunteers at his/her specific location. It is imperative that the volunteer captain;

  1. Convey all pertinent info to all the volunteers in your group for your specific task (including times, locations, directions, waiver, etc.)
  2. Ensure that all volunteers work their entire shift.
  3. Oversee set up &/or clean up (if applicable) of station.
  4. Oversee inventory control as applicable to task. (i.e., cups and supplies at water station).
  5. Have Fun!!!
  • Your group will receive advance notification of volunteer opportunities for this race, and other CGI races giving you greater availability of dates and task preferences.


What happens after I sign up online?
You will receive an email shortly after you sign up with additional information. Prior to the race, you will receive an email with specific details regarding your responsibilities and shifts, as well as parking information and other helpful instructions. Note: if you signed up as part of a group, you will receive further e-mails from your group Captain.

What if I can no longer volunteer?
Please email [email protected] as soon as possible to let our volunteer coordinator know, so we can ensure your responsibilities will be re-assigned to another volunteer. If you are with a group/organization, please be sure to notify your group Captain.

What if I cannot volunteer the whole shift?
Once you sign up, we count on you for the full shift and cannot replace you if you leave early. At times, it may appear your area is over-staffed, but please be aware that all shifts are coordinated based on anticipated crowds. We count on each volunteer for help at the busy end of the shift. Please do not leave your post.

May I bring a friend?
Yes! We can always use extra help! Please be sure to have them register online to secure a volunteer position and Volunteer T-shirt.

How should I dress?
We recommend all volunteers wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Please dress in layers to compensate for sunshine to rain and cool to warmer temperatures throughout the day. All race day volunteer jobs will take place outside and this event happens rain or shine. Note: some jobs have a physical requirement and/or age requirement; please review the job descriptions before you register.

What should I bring with me?
Clothing appropriate to the weather. For all shifts, we suggest you bring your own food, snacks and refreshments as you feel you will need or want for your shift. There is no storage available, so you will have to carry any items you bring with you. Most areas will have a place to set down your belongings, but it will not be secure.

Can children volunteer?
The minimum age to volunteer is 8 years old. The official age for an unaccompanied child to volunteer is 16, however some positions do allow for children under 16. There must be one adult for every two youths under 15 years old. You will not receive a donation for children under the minimum age. We want to ensure the safety of all our volunteers and athletes. Please direct any questions regarding children to the volunteer coordinator at [email protected].

You Are A Perfect 10!
October 21, 2018

Ladies it's time to realize your full potential and love yourself for who you are! Join thousands of women from around the nation as we motivate each other to cross that finish line.