Price: $150

 8mm heel-toe-drop; 8.2 oz. (men’s size 9.0); 7.0 oz. (women’s size 7.0)

The Scoop: Reebok is making a strong push to get back into running, and this innovative new model has turned a lot of heads. The Floatride Run has a new, energetic midsole foam material and a unique construction that features a snug interior bootie around the midfoot/forefoot that’s cinched down at the rearfoot/midfoot by a flexible plastic exo-skeleton integrated with the lacing system.

Who’s it best for? Runners who want a lightweight, snug-fitting training shoe with a soft but energetic ride for moderate weekly mileage.

What’s New? The Floatride Run serves up a sock-like fit that wraps the foot (no matter what size or shape) with a snug, locked-down sensation. It has great step-in comfort with a very secure feeling at heel and midfoot, although a few of our wear-testers thought the forefoot was a bit too tight and didn’t provide enough wiggle room in the toe box.

What we like best: The Float Foam midsole material is bursting with energy, so much so that it produces a bouncy sensation that—combined with a snappy forefoot flex pattern and a firm, secondary foam in the forefoot—encourages fast running. The segmented, one-piece rubber outsole offers great grip and consistent ground contact, both of which can contribute to a consistent gait cycle. All of that translates to the uncanny ability to run fast and run long.