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What is the Longboard Legacy Club?
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The Longboard Legacy Club recognizes participants who demonstrate their commitment to lifelong activity by completing a full or half marathon in at least three consecutive Surf City events! Qualified club members continue to earn cool rewards and receive special recognition for every year their personal streak is kept alive!

Note: The 5K or 1-Mile distances does NOT apply towards the Longboard Legacy program, Beach Cities Challenge, or Double Dog Dare. You MUST enroll in the half or the full marathon to maintain your challenge status. 

Legacy Club Shirt

2019 Longboard Legacy Shirt

Previous Longboard Legacy Shirts:


  • Commemorative Longboard Legacy Club Annual Shirt
  • Longboard Legacy Lounge Access during the Active Lifestyle Expo, with one complimentary beer!
  • Exclusive Longboard Legacy Club Beer Garden Entrance and Serving Lines on Sunday!
  • Additional Complimentary Beer at the Sand Bar!


Once you achieve Legacy Club status, you must continue running Surf City to maintain legacy status. A minimum of 3 consecutive years is required to maintain membership.

NOTE: Eligible members must pick up their reward items in person at the Active Lifestyle Expo on Friday or Saturday. This is the ONLY time rewards will be available. No items will be mailed.

How to Join
Check Your Status

There is no separate registration or sign up required. Our team will keep track of your finishes. Runners who qualify will have automatic membership upon completion of their third consecutive event.

Please confirm your Legacy status at the link below prior to arriving at the Active Lifestyle EXPO.

Confirm your Legacy status

If you believe there is an error in your Legacy status, please email our team at loyalty@motivsports.com with your full name and the years you have participated in the Surf City Marathon or Half Marathon.


Anyone can become a member of the Longboard Legacy Club! Just complete 3 consecutive Surf City half or full marathon events. To keep your Longboard Legacy Club status, continue to finish the full or half marathon every year. Participation in the 5K or 1-Mile event does not qualify a participant for the Longboard Legacy Club.

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