Beach Cities Challenge
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Earn your 2018 Beach Cities Challenge Medal! 


The Beach Cities Challenge is a race series that includes 3 Southern California Marathons or Half Marathons –  The Surf City Marathon, OC Marathon, and JetBlue Long Beach Marathon. Runners who complete any combination of half or full marathons in all 3 events consecutively will receive a special Beach Cities Medal.  There is no additional challenge-registration required to enter the Beach Cities Challenge.

Runners must complete any combination of full or half marathons in each of the three events in consecutive order, starting with any of the three events. For example, if a runner starts the series at the Orange County Marathon in 2018, he/she must complete Long Beach 2018 and Surf City 2019 to qualify for the reward. If a person misses even one event in consecutive order, they need to start over to receive the Beach Cities Challenge Medal.

Upon completion of the 3rd race in the series, runners will automatically qualify to receive a special Beach Cities medal to recognize their achievement. This can be picked up in the finish area of each event. If you have already completed your challenge in Long Beach, Surf City, or OC Marathon, get it started again. New Beach Cities Challenge medals will be released annually.

If Surf City is your 3rd race in the challenge, be sure that your Beach Cities Qualifier status is verified when you visit us at the expo. You will use your bib as your ticket to pick up your fabulous medal at the Finish Line Festival.

Registration and Official Race Times:
There is no additional cost to register for and participate in the series. Simply register for each event as usual and your qualification will be automatic after your 3rd race.  Be sure to register early using the same name and birth date for each race.  Once a race has sold out, you will NOT be able to register.  You must receive a finish time for each event qualify.

Double Dog Dare
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Double Dog Dare: Run OC 2018 & Surf City 2019

Coast for Miles 

….and earn your reward!

Double Dog Dare Challenge


Race Options to Earn Your Double Sided Medal:

2018 OC Half, PLUS 2019 SC Full, or

2018 OC Full, PLUS 2019 SC Half or Full

2019 Surf City Half, PLUS 2019 OC Full, or

2019 Surf City Full, PLUS 2019 OC Half or Full (for the super ambitious!)





Double Dog Tag Reward Pick Up

The Double Dog Tag will be available for pick up after you finish your second event, either at the Surf City Marathon in February or at the OC Marathon in May. Dog tags will not be mailed, so if you qualify for the award, be sure to look on the website before that event and find out where to claim that beautiful prize!

If Surf City 2019 is your Final Event in the dare, your Double Dog Tag will be available AFTER the race in the Finish Festival Area at the Double Dog Dare table. Bow WOW TO YOU!

Beach Cities Challenge Runners

The Double Dog Dare is a great way to Double Dip with the Beach Cities Challenge! If you’re “Coasting for 39 Miles” in the Double Dog Dare, continue your quest and sign up for the 2018 Long Beach Marathon and get your Beach Cities Challenge medal at Long Beach in October. Go ahead – Double Dip!

Longboard Legacy Club
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The Longboard Legacy Club recognizes participants who demonstrate their commitment to lifelong activity by completing a full or half marathon in at least three consecutive Surf City events! Qualified club members continue to earn cool rewards and receive special recognition for every year their personal streak is kept alive! #runsurfcity #SurfCityLegacyMember

Rewards and Recognition

  • Legacy Club Shirt
  • Exclusive Legacy Club Beer Garden Entrance and Serving Lines!
  • Exclusive Promotions and Special Offers

Note: All rewards must be picked up at the Active Lifestyle Expo. Longboard Legacy shirts will not be mailed.

How to Join

There is no separate registration or sign up required. We keep track of your finishes. Runners who qualify will have automatic membership upon completion of their third consecutive event.


Anyone can become a member of the Longboard Legacy Club! Just complete 3 consecutive Surf City events half or full marathon events. To keep your Legacy Club status, continue to finish the full or half marathon every year. Participation in the 5K event does not qualify a participant for the Longboard Legacy Club.

Run Surf City USA 2019!
Run & Party on the Beach!

Race alongside thousands of athletes from all over on one of the most iconic courses in SoCal and celebrate post-race at the Sand Bar right on the beach!

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