VIDEO: Every Single Day
Photo: Tony Di Zinno

Jon Sutherland has run every day for 48 and a half years without a single day off

Jon Sutherland, a Los Angeles-area runner who has made a living writing about rock ‘n’ roll music and coaching young runners, has gone for a run every single day since May 26, 1969. As of Nov. 26, 2017, that’s 48 and a half straight years—or 17,717 consecutive days—without a single day off! His streak is the longest in U.S. history—having surpassed his inspiration and former teammate Mark Covert (and his 45-year streak) in recent years—and the longest current streak in the world. British runner Ron Hill ended what is believed to be the longest streak in history when he stopped running after 52+ years (19,032 consecutive days) in late January. Watch Jon’s incredible story below!

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