Cool Gear: Kogalla Ra Adventure Light

This light shines super bright

Kogalla Ra, $120

Hands-free lighting to illuminate the night

Touting 800 lumens, it’s much brighter than your run-of-the-mill headlamp and, thanks to the unique design of the flexible, five-LED strip light, it can illuminate almost your entire range of vision depending on how you wear it. The Ra’s various mounting options are where this strap light really shines (pun intended). It can be mounted to a hydration pack with hook-and-loop ties, attached to the included strap for a variety of applications (like a stroller), or even affixed anywhere on your clothing via special magnets. The waterproof light is powered via a rechargeable battery pack, which can be stowed in a pocket or a pack.

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Mackenzie L. Havey
Mackenzie L. Havey is the author of the forthcoming book, "Mindful Running" (October 2017, Bloomsbury Publishing, She writes about endurance sports and mind-body health and fitness for Runner's World, Competitor, Triathlete, and, among others. She holds a graduate degree in sports psychology, has completed 14 marathons and and Ironman triathlon, and is a USA Track & Field-certified running coach. Check out her work at