How to Find Your Correct Running Bra Size

Key measurements and tips will help you find your correct sports bra size

Finding a sports bra that fits you well can be quite a process. There are no industry standards for sizing, and few brands fit alike. This video highlights the three key measurements and several helpful tips that will help you find your correct size.

Allison Pattillo
Motiv Running senior editor Allison Pattillo writes about running, health, nutrition, gear and travel from her home in Colorado. When it comes to gear, she’s a fan of tall running socks, short running skirts and wearing her hat backwards. Even with a BQ and a few podium finishes (all triathlons should be run, bike, canoe!), Allison finds more inspiration from running in beautiful places and exploring on the run instead of the numbers on a stopwatch. She looks forward to the day when she finds her ultimate running dog, which, at this point, may be more bulldog than border collie.