Cool Gear: Superfeet ME3D Insoles

Custom insoles are now available without the doctor's visit

Superfeet ME3D Insoles, $150

You can have custom insoles without the prescription price tag.

Several PTs, doctors and chiropractors have suggested I get custom insoles. I stubbornly clung to my idea that I would strengthen my feet on my own and not need them. Recently my frustrated chiropractor looked at me as he was working on my ankle and said, “How’s that working for you?” Point taken. Still unwilling to pay the prescription price tag, Superfeet’s new individually customized 3D-printed insoles were a more appealing option at a much sweeter price point.

The process, which is currently available in more than a dozen locations nationwide with more to come, entails an in-store 3D foot scan and gait analysis. It was quick and easy to do, and the insoles were shipped to me within two weeks. Since using them, I’ve noticed fewer aches, pains and niggles—subtle changes, but winning nonetheless. In fact, my chiro said that since a majority of his patients are able to achieve some benefits with off-the-shelf insoles, ME3D presents an appealing middle ground.



Allison Pattillo
Motiv Running senior editor Allison Pattillo writes about running, health, nutrition, gear and travel from her home in Colorado. When it comes to gear, she’s a fan of tall running socks, short running skirts and wearing her hat backwards. Even with a BQ and a few podium finishes (all triathlons should be run, bike, canoe!), Allison finds more inspiration from running in beautiful places and exploring on the run instead of the numbers on a stopwatch. She looks forward to the day when she finds her ultimate running dog, which, at this point, may be more bulldog than border collie.