What Should You Eat Before Race Day?

What Should You Eat Before Race Day?

In my experience as a runner, I’ve quickly learned how sensitive my body is to the things I eat before, during, and after a big race. When I was just getting started, there were a few races I left feeling frustrated with my body’s poor performance. Even today I still occasionally can’t help but think my body is putting more effort into fighting my workouts than taking in the benefits of them.

When it felt like none of the changes I tried made any improvements, I did what every new runner eventually must do: I turned to the internet and Sherlock Holmes’d the crap out of my symptoms. The most common phrase I came across (to no surprise of advanced runners) was carbo loading.

Finally, I thought I found the solution I’d been looking for…That is until too many carbs had me hunched over on the side of the road looking like I was in the midst of a werewolf transformation. It turns out, there was more to carbo loading than just helping myself to an extra plate of ziti.

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April 14, 2019

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