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New in 2018! Add Santa Barbara to your Golden State Half Series Destination.

The Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon has partnered up with the Golden State Half Series to bring you the MOST epic, scenic, wine-filled challenge.

Take on California’s exciting new 13.1 challenge. Consecutively run the SoFi Golden Gate Half, the Livermore Half and the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half to earn this Golden State beauty.
















Save time & money by registering for both the SoFi Golden Gate and Livermore events at once. A discount will automatically be applied during check out AND each event will automatically show into your account. Register for these two events HERE. Registration for the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon is accessed HERE.

The Livermore Half Marathon, The Santa Barbara Wine Country Half and Golden Gate Half Marathon individually offer an extraordinary running experience with stunning scenery, incredible camaraderie and awesome bling! But why stop at a single race?

Go the distance to get the coveted Golden State Half Series medal! When you consecutively complete the 13.1 triad, you will receive this exclusive hardware that prominently displays each race’s emblem on a beautiful golden bear backdrop.

So show off your Cali pride! Sign up for the Golden State Half Series today!
Challenge finishers receive this 
beautiful challenge medal depicting all three races!

Upon completion of the third race in the series, runners will receive a special Golden State half Series medal to recognize their achievement. Medals will NOT be mailed.

RULES: Runners must complete the half marathon distance in each of the three events in consecutive order, starting with any of the three events. For example, if a runner started the series at THE 2017 SoFi Golden Gate Half, s/he must complete the 2018 Livermore Half Marathon and the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon in 2018 to qualify for the reward. If a person misses even one event in consecutive order, they will automatically be disqualified, and they must start over. The three events do not need to be in the same calendar year.