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2018 Team Registration is Closed!

The deadline to create, join or add to your team was Wednesday, January 31st.  No new members can be added to an existing team.  Bibs for teams are already in production and orders are being prepared to ship to team captains later this month.

Of course, if you missed the deadline and still want to participate with a team, you can register as an individual and still join the team with the festivities!  We just won’t be able to include your items in the team mailing.

Team Highlights

  • Must have 12 or more participants age 13 or older
  • Team members save $4 off the individual entry fee
  • Team members can do different distances and events
  • Registration deadline is Jan. 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT
  • FREE shipping of T-shirts and bib numbers to Team Captains
  • Entry fees are non-refundable.


Team Captain Incentives

  • $15 entry fee refund. When 12 adult team members have registered, the Team Captain will receive a $15 entry fee refund. Refund will be issued after the Jan. 31 team deadline.
  • $25 restaurant gift card. When your team has 20 adult members, the Team Captain will receive a $25 gift card to Stanford’s Restaurant and Bar.
  • Special Shamrock merchandise item. When your team has 30 adult members, the Team Captain will receive a special Shamrock gift valued of at least $35.
  • Two FREE Trail Blazers tickets. When your team has 40 adult members, the Team Captain will receive TWO FREE tickets to aTrail Blazers game in late March or April.

Team Captain incentives accumulate
. Get 40 or more adult members on your team and receive ALL FOUR Team Captain incentive items! Get 30 or more adult team members on your team and get the $15 entry fee refund, the $25 gift card and the special Shamrock gift item. A team with 20 or more means the Captain gets the $15 entry fee refund and the $25 restaurant gift card.

Incentives listed above are for ONLY the Team Captain.


Additional Details for Teams

  1. At least 12 “adult” team members required. A valid team must have at least 12 participants who are age 13 or older to be a valid team. The $4 entry fee discount applies only to the entry fee.
  2. Team members do NOT have to register for the same event or distance. Team members can run any of the timed distances or enter the Walk.
  3. Entry fee discount for Team members — save $4. The per-person entry fee for each adult team member is $4 less than the individual entry fee for all distances. The Team Captain also receives the $4 entry fee discount.
  4. Children 12 and under. Although a child (a participant age 12 or younger) can be registered anytime as a team member, a team will not be valid until it has at least 12 adult (age 13 or older) team members. See below for what happens if a team does not have 12 or more adult members.
  5. Team Captain $15 entry fee refund. For the Team Captain to receive the $15 entry fee refund, the Team Captain must be registered and at least 12 adult team members (Team Captain included) must have registered by Jan. 31, 2018.
  6. Team online entry & deadline. Team Captains must go to to register him/herself and the team.  Instructions during the registration process will help you easily build and manage your team.  All Teams must have their online entries submitted no later than 11:59 PM PT on Jan. 31, 2018.
  7. The deadlines. No team entries will be accepted after Jan. 31, 2018.
    T-shirts and bib numbers will be shipped to the Team Captain at no charge to arrive by Mar. 5. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to distribute the T-shirts and bib numbers to the team members.
  8. Teams with fewer than 12 adult members are NOT VALID. Anyone who joins a team automatically receives a $4 discount.  If a team does not achieve 12 members, we will dissolve the team and all members will be transferred to the individual category.  Each team member will also be charged an additional $4 to convert to the Individual entry rate.
  9. Team Captain incentive items. If earned, the $25 restaurant gift card and the special Shamrock merchandise item will be enclosed (and marked for the Team Captain) in the T-shirt and bib number shipment to the Team Captain in early March.
  10. Two FREE Trail Blazers tickets. If earned, the Team Captain will be notified via e-mail with instructions about how to receive his/her two FREE tickets to a late-March or April Blazers game. Some limitations will apply.
  11. Shamrock Super “Massive” Teams. Team Captains are encouraged not to stop at 40 adult team members. Keep going for 75 or more and make it a fundraising opportunity for the team. Shamrock Super Teams received a donation at the rate of $5 per adult team member to a non-profit organization of the Super Team’s choice.  See Super Massive Team section for details.
  12. For help or for answers to your Team questions, please contact Linda Aronsohn, Team Coordinator at [email protected]  For general Registration questions please send a note to [email protected]

Shamrock Super Teams -- 75 or More

Super means “Massive” in Irish!

A great fundraising opportunity for teams with 75 or more members.

For teams with 75 or more adult members, Shamrock Run Portland will make a donation in the name of your team, company or organization to the charity of your choice at the rate of $5 per adult team member. For example, a Shamrock Super Team with 120 participants age 13 or older would raise $600 for your non-profit!

Creating a Shamrock Super Team is an easy way to support a great cause, and everyone wins. Team members already receive a $4 discount off the individual entry fee. By expanding your team to 75+ Shamrock participants, team members can combine their recruiting and team-building efforts to help raise funds for a worthy group or organization. The recipient can be a high school band, choral group, athletic team or club. Or, maybe your team wants to make a donation to a well-known charity, or even to our primary beneficiary of the Shamrock Run – Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The team captain will be notified when his/her team becomes a Shamrock Super Team. When that occurs, and we will mail a check in the name of your team during the week of April 10. In the meantime, Team Captain’s can track their team’s registration total online, log-in to using their login email and password.

So, get busy! Bigger is definitely better at Shamrock! The team and Super Team registration deadline is Wednesday, January 31, 2018. To get your Shamrock Super Team started, have the Team Captain register to create their team while registering for the Shamrock Run.  After the team is created, Team Captains can log-in to using your login email and password. Shamrock bib numbers and shirts will be shipped to the Super Team captain to arrive on or before March 5.

All Super Team entries must be submitted online by Jan. 31 to qualify for Shamrock “Super Massive Team” status. If you are a team captain and already have your team started, spread the word and encourage all of your team members to do the same to reach the 75-participant level and be a Shamrock Super Team.

In 2017, we had 21 Shamrock Super Teams and donated more than $18,000 to various non-profit organizations. After Shamrock 2018, we expect our cumulative donations from the 7-year history of the Shamrock Super Team program to exceed $175,000. Congratulations to our great Shamrock Super MassiveTeam captains and their team members!

Tips for Building Your Team!

  • Here are some tips to build your team!Post on Social Media that you have a team. If you have pics of past Shamrock Runs, post those too!
  • Make it a family affair – ask all your relatives to join and have a party at the finish line!  There are events for all ages and family levels.
  • Belong to a networking group?  Send out an invite to all of the group to join your team!
    Download the Shamrock poster (below), add your name as captain and put it in a visible place – like your office refrigerator!
    Put pictures on your office windows of past Shamrock Runs and have a big sign to “sign up here!”
    Start a walking or running group with friends or co-workers and train for the Shamrock Run – play up the benefits of getting in shape – especially after the holidays and before shorts season!
    A fantastic group “team builder” exercise – set a goal for each member and assign a buddy!
    If you are in an office, offer to bring in cookies on Friday if 5 people join up during the week.  Do it every week – EVERYONE loves cookies!

Shamrock Run Poster
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Team Poster

Click the Download Team Poster button to download a printable version of this poster. 

Registration for 2019
Registration is Coming Soon!

Registration opens on October 8th! The Shamrock Run features a wide range of distances for every level of runner including a 5k, 8k, 15k and Half Marathon, plus a 1k Kids Leprechaun Lap and a 4-mile Shamrock Stride!

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