Penn Medicine Tips For Running In Cold Weather: Staying Warm And Preventing Injury

Penn Medicine Tips For Running In Cold Weather: Staying Warm And Preventing Injury

The difficulties of maintaining a proper running strategy as temperatures drop can make our motivation dwindle. Being too cold is distracting in itself, but without the appropriate preparations, you could be putting yourself at risk for injury. Writing for Penn Medicine, Alexis S. Tingan writes:

“Working out during the wintertime can always be a challenge. Shorter days with colder temperatures make it harder to stay motivated and to spend time outdoors. Fortunately, there are ways to make your workout more enjoyable and safe in the winter. As a sports medicine physician and as a runner myself, I believe it’s key to educate runners on the importance of a proper warm up before long distance runs—especially in the winter.

Warming up the right way is an incredibly important factor in preventing running injuries. Many runners jump right into their ‘long runs’, skipping over a warm-up routine before hitting the track or pavement and, consequently, skipping the benefits to your body receives through a proper warm up….”

Find out how you should prepare for your long distance runs during the winter season here.

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