Winter Workouts To Get You To The Love Run Finish Line

Winter Workouts To Get You To The Love Run Finish Line

It’s hard to believe but we are just a little over a month away until the Love Run race day! (Which of course is March 25th, sign up here if you haven’t already). How has training been so far? Feeling good, nervous or scared?

Regardless of how you feel, we want to do everything we can to make sure you have a successful race day. So here are our top 5 workouts in the Philly area to get you across our finish line next month. 

November Project

There are two factors that can make fitness difficult; it can be boring when doing it alone and gym memberships are expensive. Luckily November Project eliminates both! If you’ve ever joined for a workout you know how exciting and addicting they can be. While also not costing a penny! (That’s right, it doesn’t cost anything to attend, just show up)

The idea behind November Project is to make fitness fun. Every Wednesday and Friday the tribe in Philadelphia gets together for an hour of laughs, hugs and of course…. sweat! If you’ve never experienced a workout we highly recommend you join them. A session with November Project is the perfect full body workout to get your muscles ready for 13.1 miles. Find out more about the tribe and the workout schedule by visiting them here.

Group Runs

Nothing prepares you for running 13.1 miles quite like…well….running! Training runs in the winter tend to be difficult. It’s cold out and usually dark by the time most of us get out for our run. As a result, the experience can be lonely and make you want to avoid it. But by joining a local running group you will expose yourself to a much more positive experience surrounded by friendly faces. And those cold, dark winter runs won’t suck as much.

Luckily Philadelphia is in no shortage of running groups. Whether it is the various beer runners who end their evening jaunts at a local pub or a more intimate setting in your own neighborhood, chances are you aren’t very far from a running group. Looking for a group near you? Check out this city wide group run schedule

Cycling Classes

When preparing to finish 13.1 miles it is important that your cardio be in top shape. While working the entire body is important, if you aren’t prepared for the cardiovascular endurance it takes to run a half marathon it won’t matter how strong your legs are. So it is imperative you work hard to make sure your cardio is in peak condition come race day.

Cycling classes are the perfect way to accomplish this goal. The reason cycling is so beneficial for running is because of how low impact it is on your joints. You can build your cardiovascular endurance through a series of difficult workouts, all while keeping your legs off the pavement, and save that impact for later. (Read this Runners World article for more running related cycling health benefits). Much like running groups, Philadelphia is in no shortage of cycling classes. Find one near you.


An exercise that is gaining in popularity, Yoga can be perfect for running. And let’s face it, going into a warm studio helps you beat the cold. As a recent Runners World article states: “holding challenging poses [in Yoga] builds tenacity that’ll pay off on the road. Yoga poses give runners more than just foot strength, they can help build mental endurance.”

If you’re new to the idea of Yoga for running, the same article mentioned above offers you tips on how to start practicing. Time it right: Your yoga practice should have a converse relationship with your training. Be humble: It can take years to master yoga poses, so don’t go to your first class expecting to be the star pupil. Avoid injury: Runners’ high pain thresholds coupled with their competitive natures can make them more prone to injury. Find a studio near you.

Tabata Training

What’s the one thing that stops most people from completing their daily training? They don’t have enough time. And while we believe there is always time for fitness, we understand everyone has a different schedule. So on those days that you really just can’t fit in that training run, let us introduce an alternative; Tabata.

For those unfamiliar, Tabata is a high-intensity interval training, usually done in a short period of time. The idea is to workout to your max to build up your cardio endurance. Exercises can include anything from max running to performing moves using your own body weight Read this article on how you can perform Tabata exercises at home to get you to the finish line.

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