Five Things You Should Know If You Are Running the Broad Street Run

Five Things You Should Know If You Are Running the Broad Street Run

Get there early then hurry up and wait.

Ever wonder what a sardine feels like? Well ride the subway race morning with 30,000 of your closest running friends then wait 30 minutes for the toilet once you arrive, and don’t forget the bag drop give yourself 15 minutes. Hint: if you get their very early (like we’re talking 6:15 to subway) you’ll be the massive rush about :15 minutes later.

Your Start Plan
  1. Bring a roll of toilet can thank us later.
  2. Bring some energy (gels, apple slice) you’ll be at the start line area for a good hour. Never start on an empty stomach.
  3. If you really want to be in the right corral line up at least :30 minutes prior to start.
  4. Line up in the right corral remember if you start with a corral that is ahead of the one you signed up for you get a penalty on your finish time.
Have a finish-line plan.

Check out the finish map in advance and tell your family and friends your estimated finish time (your true time not your “I need to impress the fam time”) and choose a spot that is easily seen by all. FYI the letter R, (as in your last name) may be packed with all those other letter R’s so if you choose this make sure they can find you in this area as well.

Give them your bib number.

Too often we, as race directors, get families inquiring about loved ones and they have no idea what their bib number is. Due to privacy laws a race cannot release anything but a bib number so it may sound odd now but write it down

What you think is the finish…is not the finish….save some sprinting!

Once you see the Navy Yard sign you still have a quarter of a mile left. Be sure you can sprint for ¼ mile or save some juice til you hit the tiny bend after the arch then run like you stole a bike!

Broad Street, like many of Philly’s races, is an unforgettable experience. Take it all in, stay in the moment, high five the crowds, check out the many funny signs and remember it’s not often you’ll get the chance to run down Broad Street with 40,000 of your closest running friends.

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