How Your Busy Life Influences Your Running

How Your Busy Life Influences Your Running

Few things are more satisfying than pushing through a particularly grueling run. But have you ever noticed a difference in the amount of effort you felt was needed after a stressful day? I always tell myself the days when I don’t feel like running are days when it’s most important that I do, because if I let myself get away with using a lack of motivation as an excuse I know I’ll eventually succumb to even lamer justifications in the future. Sure enough, I end these days feeling the usual pride for pushing through my laziness. However, I’ve also found these are the runs when I have to push a little bit harder than normal to complete distances I know my body is used to.

It turns out, the science behind this reveals this fatigue is pretty self-inflicted. As is the case with any unusual aches or pains that randomly pop up during a workout, the weakness you feel after a hard day’s work is your body’s way of trying to communicate with you.

In my experience, runners tend to have that “workaholic” type of personality. But the mental exhaustion that arises as a result of this could be hindering your training.

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