Remember YOU when training for a half marathon

Remember YOU when training for a half marathon

So you’re training for a half marathon? Physically you have a plan but mentally do you have a plan?
“Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people”
We’ve all seen this advice somewhere on our social media feeds- implying, if you do these four things, you will reach your goals.  The quote really resonates, especially when envisioning a big huge dream, like say, your first half marathon, or maybe a PR?
Let’s break it down…

Dream Big (yes!), and then identify your exact goal.  Whether it’s crossing the finish line in under two hours or completing the race without walking, develop your own specific definition of success.


Create a training plan and then Work Hard at executing that plan day in and day out so that even when life gets in the way (and it will) you can Stay Focused on your goal.


Identifying your obstacles ahead of time is helpful, that way you can work them into your plan.


Surrounding yourself with Good People is essential.   You need a team of family, friends and co-workers who will support you during the long weeks of training while you are focusing on your dream with your head down, putting in the hard work.

But don’t forget about one very critical member of the team…YOU.   Before you can ask friends and family to surround you with support, you must first show up for yourself.  Here’s everyone you need:
  • The Fierce You: That person who knows what they want and goes after it with unrelenting determination.
  • The Adoring You: The one who cheers everything you do (You put your sneakers on!!! Yay!!)
  • The Tough-Guy You: The friend who tells you to get out of bed, get dressed and get your miles in, even when it’s 25 degrees and you hate life.
  • The Gentle You: That person who says it’s okay if you missed one training session or had a really terrible run.  They still love you.
With these four components in place, a podium finish on race day isn’t guaranteed, but you’ll be ready to show up at the starting line confident and ready, knowing you’ve trained your body for whatever happens on race day, and ready for the next big dream.  
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