Ron Pichardo

Ron Pichardo

My name is Ron Pichardo. I grew up in North Philadelphia and lived there  until I relocated a few years ago. I now reside in the outskirts of Philadelphia with my fiancé and children. We have five young children, including twin girls. I’m also the Owner/Operator of Swagga House Tattoo in Jenkintown, PA.

Running began for me as a weight loss regimen. At one point in my life I tipped the scales at almost 300 pounds. I knew I had to make a drastic change for health’s sake, so I started running. I found running was two fold for me; a low maintenance and effective way to lose weight, but also an opportunity to decompress from daily stress. I even began signing up for running events across the city. Soon after I started running, I met my running partner, now Co-founder of SHRC, Josh Perez as a client back in 2017. Shortly after we began running together, and eventually decided to start our own run club. We realized there was a significant gap between the urban community and distance running. We decided to create a program for individuals who otherwise might not know where to begin a similar journey. Being sponsored by the Love Run and Legacy of Hope has been nothing short of an honor. It has allowed us to connect and create resources for cancer patients and their families, while doing something we love. It also created an awareness for others in our community who are in need. I look forward to running in all the upcoming events. We will continue putting our best efforts forward toward building a health conscious culture in our city!

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