Ryan Bergin

Ryan Bergin

I am a proud member of the charity group Earn Your Break. We raise money for a variety of other charities by attempting extreme physical fitness challenges, races, and feats. I’m raising money for Legacy of Hope by running the Love Run with a 20lb. weighted vest in memory of my father Al Bergin who is from Germantown, PA. Al passed away at the age of 68 from cancer in 2018 after four years of battling in and out of chemo. He always believed in helping those around him. He was a lifelong fan of professional sports, and even a pro himself at one time. My father specifically appreciated and stressed the importance of daily repetition, and putting in the time off the field to be prepared for the game (and life). I believe that is why I gravitated towards Earn Your Break and Legacy of Hope. Each day we need to reset the deck, better ourselves and Earn Our Break as we try to help pull up and better those around us as well. We all get one ride, let’s make it count!

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