Price: $130

0mm heel-toe offset; 10.7 oz. (men’s 9), 8.9 oz. (women’s size 7)

The Scoop: With 29mm of midsole foam and outsole rubber under the foot, this new trail running model from Altra fits into the gap between the brand’s maximally cushioned Olympus trail shoe (36mm off the ground) and the more sparsely cushioned Lone Peak 3.5 (25mm off the ground). It’s named after Mount Timpanogos, the second highest-peak in Utah’s Wasatch mountain range and a favorite trail run destination for Altra’s co-founders Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead.

Who’s it best for? A trail runner who runs a variety of types of trails on a regular basis. The Timp’s moderate midsole cushioning package, low-volume interior, exceptional outsole traction and reinforced (and water-resistant) upper make for an agile, do-everything trail shoe that holds its own on everything from smooth dirt trails to very technical rocky terrain and everything in between.

Plus: Like all Altra shoes, the Timp is built on a zero-drop (or level) platform, meaning there is no heel-to-toe slope. It also features a foot-shaped toe box, meaning the forefoot is wide enough for toes to splay upon impact. Altra has built its brand on those features, suggesting they contribute to a more natural ride and feel. If you’ve never run in an Altra trail shoe, this might be the one to consider first.

Minus: The Timp is slightly heavier than some similar trail shoes, largely due to the amount of rubber in the outsole. Although it’s not a hindrance on technical terrain (in fact, it’s a positive attribute on more rugged trails), it’s more noticeable on basic dirt trails.