Motivation is different is highly personal, and what motivates each of us changes over time. However, if you’re having trouble staying psyched for your runs, research shows using a fitness app may help.

A study authored by Leib Litman from Lander College in New York, surveyed 726 participants about their health and app usage. Participants fit into one of three groups: those who never used exercise apps, those who used to use exercise apps and those who were currently using exercise apps.

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Not only did current app users have a lower average BMI, almost three-fourths of the app users reported being more active, compared to less than half of those who never used an app or used to use an app, according to Litman. In analyzing the data, the researchers involved with the study suggested one way exercise apps may help is by, “making it easier for users to overcome barriers to exercise, leading to increased self-efficacy.”

From apps like Strava and Runkeeper, brand-hosted options such as Nike+ Run Club and Map My Run from Under Armour, or more unique options along the lines of Zombies, Run, there truly is an app (or several) to mesh with individual goals and desires. Whether you use an app as a place to record your run data or like the challenge and accountability of sharing your stats with others, the end goal is to lace up and make the most of your run!

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