GU Birthday Cake Energy Gel, $1.50

Now you can train and enjoy cake

Believe it or not, GU Energy Labs has been fueling athletes for 25 years! To celebrate its 25th birthday, it created Birthday Cake Energy Gel…. because everyone deserves cake on their birthday. Getting it in energy gel form means there’s no issue with the ratio of frosting to cake in each bite, and you get 100 calories of carbohydrates, sodium and branched-chain amino acids to keep you going strong on your run. And yes, it tastes like birthday cake! The flavor is yummy, not overwhelming or heavy, making it a gel I’ll grab for hot-weather runs, when I prefer lighter tastes. Plus, the fact that it really does taste like cake made me smile, and smiling makes running feel easier. So, it’s a win all around! Happy Birthday, GU!

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