If you want to run like the legendary Tarahumara of Mexico’s Copper Canyon, who raced onto to the world stage with Chris McDougall’s book Born to Run, perhaps you should try eating like them. The brand Mas Korima is making that possible, and even convenient, with their line of heritage pinole (ground maize or corn) and chia-based foods for athletes, including their latest release, Inspiration Bites.

Born out of the desire to create a better outlook for Tarahumara (locally known as Raramuri) communities, Mas Korima is a multi-cultural collective of runners, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts and, most importantly, Tarahumara. The company sells Sierra Madre sourced food products, regional crafts and other gear to support the local economies while also sharing the tribe’s message on a larger scale.

Inspiration Bites use pinole, chia and amaranth to provide 100 calories, 15 carbohydrates and four grams of fat per four-piece serving. They come in a resealable 20-serving bag ($14.50, maskorima.com). The new release is a special collaboration with the 100 Mile Club, an organization working to help school age children in the U.S. and their families become more active by encouraging children to commit to “run, jog, or walk 100 miles over the course of the school year.” Proceeds from the sale of Inspiration Bites will support the young runners of the Copper Canyons of Mexico and the Ultra Caballo Blanco Caballitos events.

“The partnership between Mas Korima and 100 Mile Club will not only help encourage and maintain the centuries-old tradition of running in the Copper Canyons, but it will also inspire our young runners here in the US to further practice the essential life skills we teach in 100 Mile Club and adopt the beautiful Raramuri spirit of Korima,” says 100 Mile Club Founder Kara Lubin.

“Korima” means “sharing without expectation” in the Raramuri language.