ShoeCue Insoles, $35

New inserts help to correct running form.

To think that many of the intentions of the minimalist, barefoot movement and its variety of “natural” footwear products could have been subverted by a simple shoe insole with a textured heel plate that provides sensory feedback is mind boggling. Simply replace your running shoe’s insole with the ShoeCue and adjust the level of sensation with the thickness of your sock and your running form will do the rest: land on your heel and you’ll get a sensory reminder; stay on your forefeet and you won’t even notice the Cue. The feeling isn’t one of pain, but it is an attention-focusing reminder that helps you educate your form. No expensive electronics, no bare feet and no special shoes are needed; just slip these in your shoes and go. The inventor, Alex Kazarian, has a BS in Bioengineering and a focus on running bio-mechanics. A 2017 study published in the International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health looked at the effect of a textured shoe insert on running gait. In this study the ShoeCue was used in the experimental test condition as the textured insert.