Skratch Labs Sport Recovery Drink Mix with coffee, $35 for a 12-serving pouch

Get a better-for-you coffee kick after your workout

Leftover coffee in my thermos mug tastes pretty darn good on the drive home from a mountain run. But thanks to this coffee-flavored recovery drink, I can now do my body a favor and feed it post-run calories, protein, fat and salt (all of which I lose on a big run) by mixing some powder with water in a bottle. Just shake, and drink. It tastes like a coffee milkshake (chocolate flavor also available). The new formulation also has caffeine (45mg per serving), a probiotic (to help with protein absorption) and lactase (to help those who have issues digesting milk products or lactose). And, like all Skratch Labs products, the Sport Recovery Drink mix is non-GMO and made from all-natural ingredients.