Run With A Team You'll Be Glad You Did
Teams and Clubs
Team racing is what sets the Love Run Philly Half Marathon apart.

The Love Run Philadelphia half marathon gives you the chance to race with a corporate team, a charity team or a social team.

We have built a community of teams that bring unparalleled enthusiasm and spirit to our races.  In simple terms, it’s so much fun when you finish with your running best friends, family or coworkers!

We’ll have hundreds of teams from local running clubs, triathlon clubs, charity groups and corporate teams, so let us know where you’re located and we’ll hook you up with incredible groups in the running community working towards the same goal.

Start Your Team Now, Have Fun and Finish Strong!

Team Perks

Club Discount

Any team with 10 or more runners is eligible for a team discount code. Email us now for your team code.

Free Tent or Private Port A John

20+ members you will receive a 10 x 10 tent or Private port a potty at the Finish Line Festival.

50+ members you will receive both a tent and private port a potty at the Finish Line Festival.

100+ member you receive a tent AND 2 private port a potties at the Finish Line Festival.

*You must reserve your tent/port a john by March 10th.

Team Reserved Port a Potty

This means only the registered clubs/teams can use these designated facilities. It is not an individual port a potty for each team. See above to get your own individual team port a potty.


Teams will be awarded points for a) Participation and b) Competitive. All teams are automatically entered to win the cash prizes;

First Place $750   Second Place $500 Third Place $250

How To Create or Join A Team

  1. Choose your team name from the dropdown box on your entry form when registering. You’ll be automatically added to the team and your captain will be alerted you have joined the team.
  2. Already registered and want to join a team?
    Log into using your login email and password
    b. Locate the 2020 Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon in your list of events
    c. Click “Join Team”  on the Join a Team screen, perform a search (if needed), then select the radio button next to the team you want to join. Click Join.
    Note: Only one team may be joined, so please ensure you select the correct team



You can see who is on your team and invite more members.

  1. Log into your login email and password
    b. Locate the 2020 Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon in your list of events
    c. Click “Manage My Team” – you’ll be able to see all team members, send emails to members and invite new members.


  1. Log into your login email and password
    b. Locate the 2020 Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon in your list of events
    c. Click “Create Team” – on the team information screen, you will be asked for the following information: Team Name (Required) ; Description (Optional).
    d. Click Save – Now you’ll see “manage your team” under the 2020 Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon.

Group Purchases

If your company or team would like to buy a bulk of entries we are happy to accommodate you.

Please email us now for details.

Registration Is Now Open!
Race Philly's Biggest, Best (& Only) Spring Half Marathon

Yo Philly! This is your chance to be part of the biggest, most amazing kickoff to spring in Philadelphia AND race Philly's only half marathon from January - June.

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