Much of the time your primary running surfaces, be it city streets, the local track, country road or trails, are determined by what’s easily accessible. But that doesn’t have to limit your sense of adventurous exploration. And the reality is many of us have one pair of running shoes at a time, not a quiver to choose from based upon the terrain or weather. There’s no reason that should stop you from setting out on an exciting new run.

Whether you want to sightsee on the run (which is amazingly fun, and something you can do when you travel or even where you live), add some trail miles to your favorite road run or hoof it to the top of a mountain to eat a steaming hot bowl of noodles, this video from Columbia Montrail proves you don’t have to let your gear dictate where you go. Just run! Be forewarned, you may want to grab a friend and go on your own running adventure after watching this.

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