Fruit Run Gum, $1.89 per two-piece package

This is no ordinary gum! It’s a refreshing, fruity buzz.

What starts a little crumbly (similar to Razzles, if you’re familiar with those) turns into a lightly flavored, chewing gum that lasts for an impressive amount of time. My go-to for staying alert is to keep a steady stream of fresh gum going. I chew until the flavor dissipates, spit and get a fresh piece. After popping a piece of Run Gum, I kept wanting to grab a fresh piece, but it was out of habit not necessity because the flavor lasted and lasted. As an added benefit, I scored 110 percent of my daily recommended value for vitamin B6 and 50 percent of B12, plus 50 milligrams of caffeine and 20 milligrams of taurine, which can help to stabilize blood sugars. Not bad for one piece of sugar-free gum (it’s sweetened with sorbitol and xylitol). The energy was also smooth, unlike the jitters or spike and burn that can come with a cup of espresso. Fruit is the latest flavor—like a mild Juicy Fruit—in the line, which also includes Cinnamon and Mint.

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