Lifestinks Lavender Regular Strength Deodorant, $15

With just three natural ingredients, you can smell fresh with a clear conscience

As a runner, deodorant can be a necessary evil. But, the latest research into the side effects of standard deodorant ingredients aside, what if smelling fresh truly doesn’t have to be evil? That’s where Lifestinks shines. Most standard products work for me for a month or so before eventually resulting in under arm rashes (apologies for TMI), clothing stains or they simply stop working. I’ve come to embrace the sweat—for the most part—but could do without odor. And this simple, easy-to-use powder really works. It contains aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil and lavender oil. That’s it! A little goes a long way, with one $15 recyclable container lasting for four months. You can also sprinkle it on sweaty feet, in running shoes and anywhere else you would like a refreshing boost. The website even says you can use it as toothpaste. It comes in regular and extra strength in both lavender (the scent is very mild) and cedarwood scents.