TheraGun G2PRO, $599

Consider it an investment in your running longevity.

Yes, the price is a shock. But, if you’ll actually use it, the benefits delivered by this powerful tool are impressive and roughly the same price as four to six physio sessions, depending where you live. No chit-chat required. The product line started with the G1 model for use by chiropractors and physical therapists; the G2PRO is TheraGun’s first consumer model designed for self-massage and home use.

It looks like a cordless drill, and depending which of the four attachments you use, you may think it feels like one too! The massager delivers powerful, targeted vibration therapy to release tight muscles and interrupt pain cycles, making it appropriate to use before and after hard runs or workouts. While it may seem intense, how much pressure to apply is up to you, based upon what you need and can tolerate. It comes with two rechargeable batteries, each with a run time of about 30 minutes—trust me, that’s enough therapy/torture for one session! The massage arm adjusts to four different positions for the ability to really work sore areas, and the entire set-up comes in a zip case for easy transport.

While easy to use, the G2PRO can be intimidating at first, mostly because it’s loud. But it was able to work deeper than any rolling or other self-massage techniques I’ve used, and, perhaps because it is so aggressive, I noticed a positive difference immediately.