Quality, price and fit are usually the top deciding factors when it comes to purchasing new gear. Color and brand awareness will play into the decision matrix as well. But, what about where something is made? Purchasing products with a “Made in the USA” label may feel good on a soul level, but in past years, the cost savings of foreign manufacturing have made it difficult to find that elusive label in many stores. Now though, an impressive array of brands are manufacturing on home soil. The positive news for runners is that the quality and price points mean “Made in the USA” gear is a good value too.

That said, every American label isn’t the same. For a product to meet the requirements for “Made in the USA,” it must be “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. according to the Federal Trade Commission. If a product is unable to meet those requirements, it may use a qualified claim, such as “Assembled in the USA” or “Made in the USA of U.S. and imported parts.” The labeling isn’t meant to be punitive, but instead gives shoppers transparent view of a product’s supply and production chain. (And, if nothing else, that info may come in handy on your next trivia night!)

With the brands on this list, you’ll be able to rock your American pride and look good on the run. Scroll through for the latest styles.

Runyon Canyon Burnt Woods Organic Canyon Trucker Hat, $36

Runyon Canyon Apparel

Named for urban wilds of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, Runyon Canyon Apparel is a line of outdoor wear designed for running, hiking, yoga, basically whatever you like to do. It’s also made using American manufacturing, includes pieces for both men and women, with a line that goes from hats bandanas to tanks, tees and shorts. runyon.co

New Balance 990v4, $165

New Balance

Headquartered in Boston, New Balance manufacturers more than four million pairs of athletic shoes in the U.S. per year. They’ve been making shoes in the U.S. for more than 75 years. Now, if at least 70 percent of the materials are from the U.S., the shoes may proudly sport a Made in the USA label. The Made in the USA Collection includes lifestyle and running shoes, and even baseball spikes. newbalance.com

Tracksmith Grayboy Tee, $55


Based in New England, Tracksmith uses U.S. factories and U.S. sourced materials for specific pieces in their collection, which ranges from tops to bottoms for both men and women. They focus on refined running apparel with a nod to the deep running history in and around Boston. tracksmith.com


Atayne Yosemite Men’s SS Hybrid T, $35


Atayne takes American-made to a new level by sewing apparel made from domestically-made recycled fabrics—that are knitted in North and South Carolina—at factories in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Their apparel includes technical tees and singlets for running, bike jerseys and lifestyle shirts that are cotton soft, but ready to handle sweaty workouts. atayne.com

Rabbit Running Hopper Shorts, $52

Rabbit Running Apparel

When Monica Devreese and Jill Deering began Rabbit Running, their goal was to create the perfect running shorts. Yet they also wanted to create those shorts, and eventually much more apparel, in a way that spoke to them. The answer was sustainable manufacturing. As a result, all of their apparel is manufactured in Los Angeles, making it easy for the Santa Barbara residents to stop in the factory to discuss designs and check on production. runinrabbit.com

Thorlo OAQU Unisex Outdoor Athlete, $17


Many of the favorite socks in your drawer are probably made in America without you even realizing it. Turns out the U.S. has a long and successful knitting mill history, and those mills are now cranking out creative sock designs from U.S. sourced materials and made by U.S. workers. Thorlo, Sockwell, Darn Tough, Smartwool and Farm to Feet are just some of the many brands producing socks in the USA.

Only Atoms Gravity Shorts, $65

Only Atoms

Designed in Brooklyn and made in New York City, Only Atoms gear blends style and functionality in collections for men and women. Their line includes singlets, tanks, shorts and tights, for American-pride from top to bottom. onlyatoms.com

RaceReady Men’s Sixer Short, $30


RaceReady focuses on technical performance apparel for both men and women. Think lightweight and fast drying apparel with smartly placed features like Velcro-closure pockets headphone holders. All products are made in the U.S. from U.S. manufactured technical fabrics. (raceready.com) WSI Sportswear (wsisports.com/) is another performance apparel line that is designed, cut and sewn in the States.

Polar Bottle 12oz Flag Bottle, $11

Polar Bottle

From its early days of offering insulated bike bottles in 1994, Polar Bottle has grown to include sport and lifestyle bottles, stainless steel bottles and hydration systems. Products are made in Colorado from locally sourced parts to reduce environmental impact and shipping costs. polarbottle.com

Nuu Muu Marin Ruu dress, $85

Nuu Muu

All Nuu Muu dresses are sewn in the U.S. The vibrant designs and prints are applied to the fabric elsewhere, but then every product is assembled stateside. The dresses are functional for running and comfy enough to wear all the time. The latest style even has two lower-back pockets. nuu-muu.com